The Dark Unknown

It just sat there in earnest smiling the smile that it so earned.
The smile turned to a smirk and the smirk turned to a much more abysmal emptiness.

But it still sat there leaning its weight on the man gripping him tightly so as not to falter.

 It sat there for all eternity hindering the man, more at times but nevertheless a little most often.

It sat there feeding off him, absorbing all that he was but giving nothing back, his sweat, his toils and his everything mixed with his food, his blood. It sat there all that was and that will be being chewed up in its mouth as a glob replacing the unworldly smirk for once with something more unopposed.

It sat there the cycle still unmistakably unrolling in its countenance rotating as if the spokes of a wheel turning unto an unknown destiny.

It sat there until the man rotted away or went up in flames or became fodder to vultures and worms.

It stood up for once leaving the man behind continuing to another soul  to repeat its ghastly but necessary responsibilities.