On the Fringe

I see the glitter
Shining through the dark carcass beneath
The depth that I discern may not be right
And the glitter that I perceive may not be it
'There are no means to retrieve it', a logical man would say
However, anything is possible in the opium haze that has settled upon me

The carcass churned and trembled as though it was alive
It gave out a menace that it has commanded for centuries
I sat on the wooden pier and wondered
The value of a bygone moment
A moment back, I had it in my hand
Further back, it was snuggled up in my coat pocket
Snug from the cold outside

But now it was gone forever
Just like the demise of someone close
It hung over my heart heavy as anything
No. I can't let it go, I have to find a way
The last remnant of someone
That someone who was the one and only one

Tomorrow. I can't think about tomorrow
It was supposed to be glorious
It was supposed to be peaceful
It was supposed to be content
A day to remember
Now, it will be a day for mourning

Fate turned it against me
The moment game comes into the equation
Now the day is gone forever
Just like her
And I lost on both occasions

But the glittering was still beneath me
It should have finalized the deal tomorrow
I can't lose here
This time at least I have to be on top

Another moment game comes into the equation
He plunged himself, into the darkness
The carcass snatched him with the same menace
Swallowing him whole along with his sorrows
In a way, doing him a favor