The Unbearable Lightness of Being

I would first of all like to serve this as my blog as well as my diary. I want to read this at some point in my life and relive all the thoughts and uncertainties that went through my mind once. If you think about it the lightness of being, such a thought manipulates man into either go hide in a recess fearing everything and everyone around him, fearing the spontaneity of life or it could propel someone to just break their shell and experience all that you have once put up on your bucket list to do at a point in your life when you are all settled and comfy. And when you have life changing decisions to make this could come as a boon or a curse. And for me, I do not know how to perceive it yet.
The decision in context is whether to take the long bumpy road of a doctorate degree or to take the easy way out and go the corporate way. Research as satisfying as it is most of the time, it is highly frustrating at others. And even when I worded this, I believe the word "most" gives away my inner desire. But still it is five or some years of highly strenuous mental activity combined with physical exhaustion for a very frugal monetary reward. But then "why" would be the question passing through your minds.
For me even considering the thought is a  mixture of inexpressible feelings. I do not know whether its passion but research gives me a drive to go on and on even, when I am down and out. I do not know whether it is just a fascination for the elite, a feeling that will envelope you in a crystal Kubla Khan.
But either way if it lasts through out for a period of five years of a cycle of fatigue and rejuvenation, I believe either one of these could carry me through.
Then "why not" would be the next question. The one thing that are slightly hindering me is a doubt in my own abilities. Do I have what it takes to succeed at the highest level? I do not want to stare back at myself at some point of time and regret choosing this path when I could have had a successful life with an MS degree alone.
The decision has to be made soon. Procrastination is no longer a saviour. 

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