The Insignificance Of It All

Have you ever experienced that little shadow inside you sometimes raising up its head and asking you, prodding you about how worthless it all is? Well, it happens to me all the time and mostly when I have been idle for such a long time. Imagine a world where only a group of people exists. Death and birth are concepts that are not even imaginable. These people, they were just there from the start of time and they have continued to exist since then. The group does not multiply as reproduction is also a devoid entity. They have all the knowledge in the world as their knowledge just continue to grow integrally. It would have been so productive, but still such an amazingly boring world. 
So probably that was why all beings alive were made this way. You are born, struggle for a major part of your life, grappling with reality, getting a hold of all the norms that exist in this world, the do's and don'ts that makes up society. The struggle continues until either life gives you a respectable and monetarily comfortable place in society or for some till the very end of their lives. The experience, the knowledge and all the memories, what were all those for? Will they be repeatedly playing in your head once you succumb to that vast darkness. Or will the data be erased just like formatting a hard disk. I do not know and I don't believe anyone who knows exists having all his faculties intact to narrate such an incident. 
If a large beam balance was constructed to weigh immaterial things in life. Then the insignificance of our existence weighed against its significance could render the apparatus useless. 
And to add to all of this, we are just one person among a billion people in a planet, a planet which is one in a billion of its kind. And we live our lives here, our everyday toils becoming something of a mass importance whereas in a broader sense it does not even impact 0.0000000000000000000000001 percent of the universe. Can a life be anymore insignificant? 
When you think about it, for me, it all culminates in a deep dark place that suffocates me, wanting to surface for a breath of fresh air. Then again it recedes into the deep dark corners of your mind again giving strength and courage to face the world, to live your life to fruition. It is better not to think about it and this is what most of us does too. What else is a mere man capable of?

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  1. Daley.A wonderful Blog da. Keep up your wonderful writing skills.. Hope it takes you places. And hope You get placed in a good firm where you can showcase your skills.. And show other Idiots what you really are..:)