The Business Classers

Recently I traveled from Florida to Cochin. The long layovers and the number of flights added a lot of fodder to my thoughts. One of the things that I have always noticed about the flights are the individuals travelling in the Business class. The very few privileged who has the money or the good fortune to be sponsored by someone to be there, right at the front of the airplane. They seat themselves as if not to look at the underprivileged throng passing them by. It is as if they are part of the flight crew, the stewardess' and probably the pilots come first then a few people seated there in the business class section who acknowledges our presence with snobbish and many a times condescending attitudes. And regardless of our destination or the airline that we choose to fly on, these people find a seat in each one of them. We can go as far as thinking of it as a conspiracy from the part of the government to belittle each one of the economy class travelers, so that they will work harder to achieve success in their lives due to  the embarrassment.
Come to think of it, is it really necessary that they board first. Can they not board last? This will also be exclusive treatment, since there is no such rule as boarding the flight first is the way to go. It is true that they pay much more than us, so it is necessary that they be guaranteed less hassles. Consider the normal scenario where they board first, they seat themselves and look around with a drink in their hand at all those lesser people passing by. What if they did the same waiting in the airport lounge?? Would the time consumed in both cases not be the same, along with the advantage of sparing the embarrassment to the economy classers.
We all know that nothing like this is ever gonna happen, we will again board a flight tomorrow or the next day and again find the scary business classers sitting there. Who knows, probably we will be among them,one day, sipping from our vodka glasses and looking down on all the other passengers and this might happen not because we got a last minute upgrade because some rich snob got too sick to travel to Paris, but because we actually earned the scary seat. 

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