The Long GoodByes

I havent been able to write anything for sometime. Partly it was because of my busy schedule during my masters and partly because of my ever growing laziness. And then I came back to the safest place in the world, Cochin where my mom, sisters, dad and my close friends makes it more than what you can call home. But that is not what this blog is about.
Its always sad to depart, say goodbye.
This should be taken into consideration at the airport gates too. The departure gate should be accompanied with a sad smiley and the arrival with a a happy smiley, although this is not the case always.
But however you dislike good byes, situations arise in life where they become indispensable.
A father who works abroad, sisters who get married, a son who studies abroad, these are some of the scenarios that I can be associated with and people in the middle like my mom are the ones who suffer the most.
The good byes, I dunno why, is hardest for me when I say it to my mom. You really want to stop saying it, but that never happens, does it?? Life drags you places that are really out of your control, although it seems like you are always on the driver's seat at all times. You think you can stop whatever you are doing whenever you want to and come back to the place where it does it for you. But in reality you are really incapable of doing that. Either you would be at a huge disadvantage if you do that or you would have a huge hole of dissatisfaction pinned on your soul. Either way if you even consider a path that is not close to your destiny it never happens. Fate, it only lets something happen if it is really meant to happen.
Like the day you die. Unless and until you are ailing from a terminal disease, you would be rising to a day just like any other and you would be riding a bike just like any other day and you would following a very familiar route as well. But if it is your time, it will happen.
There are somethings beyond us in this world and it is better to have the impression that you are the master of yourself rather than to fight against your natural instinct and be discontent.

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