Time is a Healer and Distance does Nothing

Dont be fooled by the title. This is not actually about distance or time. Dont think that I am about to start with the Newtons laws of motion and derive the equations and take you somewhere to a far off land where physicists dream of being every minute they spend their life.No I am not the person for that because first off I cannot remember a thing in physics and secondly I have been going off the track from the moment I started.
Yeah, time and distance the meaning that I ought to have established a long time ago. I used to live in a small city in Kerala called Cochin.For me one of the most beautiful places in my whole life, although it cant even be compared to Kashmir or Mauritius or some other exotic locations around the world. The beauty of the place lies in the experiences that it has awarded me. Starting with my schooling I have been there. Some would say that college life is the best time you ever had. But for me it was school all the way. College was splattered with some really huge highs and a lot of very high lows. Yes, again going off track.
College came to an end and I felt like running. There was a lot that I wanted to forget. But really did I want to? No not really. But I had to. And I thought distance would help. Just get up and run thats what my mind told me. I had to go, get out of India. It was smothering me now. I wanted to go as far away as possible, or my mind told me that. US thats where I wanted to be. But then I knew how difficult it all was leaving my awesome family(not bragging), some really amazing friends(not bragging again I would have put a :D here if it was allowed) and the place that was home for me for more than a decade.
But then someone turned out to be a traitor. Not the high espionage thriller like traitor. But someone like the ones in the crappy B movies. Yup the internet. No matter where you run it will follow you. Again offtracking, have to find a new word for this.
Yeah distance, distance really does nothing for you. It will just give you false hopes of a marvelous unknown. Time is your only saviour.  It will take away all that was and all that is, away from you. And it does not discriminate either, the same rule applies for both the good times as well as the bad.
Yeah you forget. Remember all those old hindi movies where the hero or heroine is send to some far off place where he or she forgets everything and leads a happy life thereafter. Tragedy strikes eventually but the new scenario seems to change their life for sometime atleast. Tell you what that doesnt happen. The one to blame is the stupid internet again and more specifically the culprits are facebook, gmail and again facebook. What is the big deal with that blue site anyways that keeps on getting on your nerves making you go back again and again. To see some sort of acknowledgement probably but still it is your enemy when you need to get away. Again I am offtracking but I dont care anymore. I think I have said whatever I wanted to, in those very few lines that lies in between the mere nonsense. 

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